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Lawyers located in the southern part of Hamburg, Germany

Welcome to Attorneys at Law Lohmann & Lohmann! We are happy you have come to our website. Below you will find a short introduction to our German law office.

German civil law - the focal point of our law firm

Our law firm is currently led by the two Attorneys at Law Julia Lohmann and Frank Lohmann. The firm itself was founded in 1955 in Hamburg, so we are looking back on quite some history. As we are based in Hamburg, this region - or to be more precise Harburg, Neugraben, Neu Wulmstorf - is naturally the main geographical area of our legal activities. But our English speaking lawyers are also working in any other part of Germany. Because we are attorneys at large, we are able to present cases for our clients to all relevant courts of the German legal system.

We are specialists for German civil law. A substantial part of it is covered by the German Civil Code (called "Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch" = BGB). So if you need for instance support in

  • Family Law (e.g. for prenuptial agreements, as your Hamburg divorce lawyer or for child support payments)
  • Labor Law (e.g. dismissal protection)
  • Legacy Law (e.g. wills)
  • Contract Law

you have come to the right place. We fight for your right. Highly competent and motivated.

Counselling interviews can be held in German or English language. Interviews usually take place at our office in Hamburg Harburg. Other arrangements can be made upon request.

Please note: Due to current impairments, legal consultations can also be conducted by telephone or online via Skype.

The fastest way to meet our attorneys & solicitors

Entrance law firm in Hamburg Harburg

Our law firm is located in the southern part of Hamburg, Germany. You can easily reach us via commuter train (S-Bahn S3 or S5 from Hamburg Central Station, exiting in Harburg or Harburg-Rathaus. You will find the entrance to our office facing the street called "Harburger Ring", right next to the restaurant "Marina".

By car you would turn on the main road B73 at Harburg station into the street "Moorstrasse". At the end of that street you will find a car park, where the first hour of parking is free of charge. This little sketch might help you to find the way.

In case you would like to use Google Maps: get directions to lawyers Lohmann & Lohmann in Hamburg Harburg.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

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